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Powered by RE/MAX Concepts

KReating your next business opportunity.

Selling your business is our business.

Our professional business brokers have extensive training and experience in matching buyers and sellers. We sell businesses in the Greater Des Moines area and throughout Iowa specializing in selling medium to large-sized businesses. We will expend all necessary effort to get you the best possible price and terms for your business.

Why KReate?

OUR TIME, NOT YOURS: You conduct your business without interruption while KR handles all phases of the transaction including telephone inquiries, buyer qualifying, touring your business, and working with attorneys, accountants, and landlords.

PRICE & TERMS: Experience and current market comparable’s allow KR’s trained professionals to show you the real value of your business. We can suggest the most appropriate price and terms.

CONFIDENTIALITY: We maintain strict confidentially. Your business’s identity will be disclosed only to a qualified buyer, and only in person. The buyer and the buyer’s representatives must also maintain the confidentiality of the information received.
QUALIFIED BUYERS: KR carefully screens and qualifies each potential buyer to insure that financial and other personalized criteria are met before an introduction is made
FOLLOWUP: Prospects receive follow-up contacts from KR, giving you exposure to a potential buyer without jeopardizing your bargaining position.
NEGOTIATIONS: KR offers a courteous, diplomatic, and professional approach to negotiating the best price and terms.
PACKAGING: From the in-depth Business Profile to the final stages of negotiations, your business will be represented in the most professional manner.
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Mergers & Acquisitions

KReate’s expertise in sales and mergers and acquisitions of businesses valued at $500,000 or more, prevents costly mistakes and opens up opportunities that may otherwise go unnoticed.

Without revealing your business’s identity we explain to a potential buyer the character and potential of your business as well as its history, products, markets, and operating results. We analyze and explain the synergies that may result from the merger or acquisition so that they are clear to the potential buyer and so that you will receive maximum value from the transaction.

As with all transactions of which KReate is a part, you can be confident that we will

STRINGENTLY screen potential buyers to assure they have the financial means and intent to complete the transaction
ANSWER QUESTIONS, identify alternatives, and work out details throughout the process
MAINTAIN a professional atmosphere throughout the process and facilitate meaningful negotiations.
WE ALSO maintain a databank of pre-qualified buyers and investors. With this and our knowledge of the market, business trends, economic trends, and the financial disciplines pertinent to M & A activity, you are assured of complete, professional service.

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Contact Us

Contact Us

Confidentiality Agreement.

In connection with a possible acquisition (the “Proposed Transaction”) by you, KReate and subsidiaries (KR) will furnish to you information regarding the business, financial condition, operations and prospects of the Company (the “Proprietary Information”). In consideration of obtaining the Proprietary Information, you hereby agree as follows:

  • All Proprietary Information furnished by us or the Company to you will be deemed confidential.
    The term Proprietary Information does not include any information, which is, or becomes,
    generally available to the public or is already in your possession.
  • Unless KR otherwise agrees in writing, you will not disclose or reveal any Proprietary Information
    for five years from the date hereof to any persons or entities other than your employees or your
    representatives actively and directly participating in the evaluation of the Information for any
    purpose other than in connection with the Proposed Transaction.
  • Although you understand that KR and the Company have included in the Proprietary Information
    certain information that KR considers to be relevant for the purpose of your investigation of
    proposed Transaction, KR does not make any representation or warranty as to its accuracy or
  • If you determine that you do not wish to pursue the Proposed Transaction, you will promptly advise
    us of this fact and will deliver to us all the Proprietary Information furnished to you without
    retaining copies, summaries, analyses or extracts thereof. In any event, KR would expect all
    information to be returned to us within ten days of receiving it, unless agreed to otherwise.

If you are in agreement with the foregoing, please complete this on-line form and mark the ‘I understand and agree to the NDA…’ box